Monday, 11 March 2013

The listed amount of memory of the hardware specifications and the amount shown in system info memory details seems to display less than the listed specification.

 The android operating system consumes a large amount of physical device memory. This memory is listed on a device's specifications, the amount of this listed memory is less than the user will have access to within the Android OC environment, including system info programs. The restricted hardware memory areas contain a great deal of data. Each version of Android uses a different amount of reserved data and different types of hardware consume different amounts of restricted area memory. For example a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 512mb configures it's memory the same and the results are the same as the Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 in the system info tools or OS info details. Different versions of firmware also consume different amounts of reserved space. For example, the third edition of the firmware uses more system space than the previous versions due to the flash component and the temporary cache space required.

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