Monday, 11 March 2013

My computer is having trouble connecting! What can I do

Check whether your operating system and wireless card support ad-hoc connections. Ubuntu is known to have poor support for these types of connections, for instance.
If you think your OS is not the issue, it may be an issue with either the tethering binaries or your tethering settings. From the main tether screen, try going to Menu->Setup->Menu->Reinstall binaries/configs.
If that still doesn't resolve your issue, it may be a problem with your allowed clients or security settings. Start tethering and connect your laptop. then from the main tether screen, go Menu->Setup. If "Activate Access-Control" is already checked, either uncheck it or check the entry below containing your laptop's MAC address. If "Activate Access-Control" was unchecked originally, try checking it and checking the entry below containing your laptop's MAC address.

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